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Dona Vanden Heuvel

Dona's Pot

Dona began as a potter's apprentice in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the late 60's. She dedicated herself to the goals of beauty and functionality in her pottery. One of the three co-founders of Silica Studios, she has fulfilled her dream of providing a creative working space for local ceramics artists in Palm Springs.
Daric Harvie

Daric's Pot

Daric is one of the founders of Silica Studios. He began working with clay in 1992 and received his B.F.A. in Ceramics from Long Beach State. "I love the process and possibilities that clay brings. When beauty and function come together it is a wonderful thing."
Tim McMullen

Tim's Pot

Craftsmanship. Function. Imagination. Passion.

These elements are what clay demands from the potter. The depth of ceramics is unparalleled by any other art form. Although it is ancient, there is something new to learn everyday and I feel it is my duty as well as my great pleasure to let people in on the secret.

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Paul Bellardo

Paul's Pot

Paul brings amazing experience and youthful humor to the studio. He was the 1st recipient of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Scholarship. His pieces are in museums in New York, Boston and the Chrysler Art Museum. He was a gallery owner of contemporary crafts in NYC for 35 years.

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David Farnsworth

David's Pot

David's ceramics are handbuilt, inspired by images from his paintings. Foremost a watercolor artist, ceramics has brought new possibilities to exploring images in three dimensions. David also serves on the Artwall Project in Palm Springs.
Ron Ehlers

Ron's Pot

A graduate of the University of Idaho, Ron spent the next two years at the California College of Arts and Crafts. A sign painter until retirement, he then took up Ceramics at College of the Desert. "It is an interesting and satisfying pursuit, alwas with more projects to attempt."

Hong Rubenstein

"It is with a real sense of adventure and excitement that I create unique, sculptural ceramic art forms on the potter's wheel and with hand building. Each piece one of a kind. I truly love the ongoing exploration, sense of freedom and joy I feel when creating ceramic art forms."

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Robert Glover

Robert's Pot

Bob brings to the studio an extensive background as a working ceramic artist celebrating 50 years in making ceramic sculpture. He earned a scholarship to attend the Otis Art Institute where he studied with Peter Voulkos. He received his MFA in 1960 and subsequently taught at Otis College of Art and Design for 39 years. Exhibitions include Janis & Space Galleries in L.A. and museums in San Francisco, New York and Japan.  Was recently on exhibit at Edenhurst Gallery in Palm Desert.  

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Eduardo Lerma

Eduardo's Pot

"Off the wheel, I see the finished piece in my mind before I touch the clay. On the wheel, I push every piece to its limit, then see what it has become."

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